Velvet Wells - Decisions Decisions Decisions

The course: Decisions Decisions Decisions
2 mins
The teacher: Velvet Wells
Review of your event plan
Student Syllabus
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MODULE 1 – Decision Maker
You’re on the road to becoming a decision maker in your community. We’ll talk about taking care of yourself in the scene and reinforcing that you are ready for this path
Decision Maker
3 mins
You are ready to be an Independent Comedy Producer
Take Care of Yourself In the Scene
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Distraction Resources
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MODULE 2 – Managing Expectations
Being clear in your expectations, the expectations for the show, and hearing the expectations from those who help you bring the production to life will make everyone’s life easier
Managing Production Expectations
2 mins
Expectation Reflections
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Show Format Choices
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Production Resources
Glossary of Terms
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MODULE 3 – Organizing and Planning
Organizing the production decisions you’ve made will make it easier to repeat them to share them with whoever needs to know
Organizing and Planning
6 mins
Production Consideration Forms Overview
4 mins
Comedy Show Production Considerations (Shortform)
Comedy Show Production Considerations (Longform)
Improv Performer Pay Model Quiz (Preamble)
Improv Performer Pay Model Quiz
Making Effective Requests
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Community Resources
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MODULE 4 – Beyond Bar Shows
Where will you take your production skillset next? 
Beyond Bar Shows
8 mins
Money Moves
16 mins
Potential Career Paths
BONUS – Take Care of the Scene
Take care of yourself by taking care of the scene
Take Care of the Scene
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